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DOC SWAN'S SHOWS ARE STILL THE TALK OF THE TOWN... parks and attractions like Walt Disney World; Six Flags Great Adventure; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom; Six Flags Great Escape; Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags America, , and hundreds of Fairs, Theaters, Campgrounds, and Parks all across the USA!

Doc Swan Entertainment - Theater and Stage Shows
Doc Swan Entertainment - Magical Comedy & Variety Acts

Magic, Comedy, and Variety
Acts Show

Once Doc Swan hits the stage, the fun starts and never slows down. With a focus on audience engagement, the laughs, applause, and overall amazement up the ante on entertainment value. Punctuated with puns, sight-gags and TONS of  tongue-in-cheek humor,  no two shows are exactly alike. Get ready for new twists on crowd favorites! Add a hilarious Houdini hand-cuff escape, danger defying-defying predictions, fantastic fire-eating, a jaw-dropping bare foot walk on broken glass, and you have the ingredients for a standing ovation. New material is added constantly.  (In fact, in the venues where Doc performs 30-minute or less shows, two completely different performances can be presented)

Doc Swan Entertainment - Outdoor Park and Campground Shows

Outdoor Shows

Spring and Summer are Doc Swan's specialty. He has been the performance highlight at hundreds of Campgrounds, Scouting Jamborees, Parks, Fairs, for over 45 years! Don't miss out on entertaining your guests and visitors with an entertaining Magic, Comedy, and Variety Acts Show perfectly suited for your venue.

Doc Swan Entertainment - Psycho Sideshow

Psycho Sideshow!

"Style" is what makes DOC SWAN'S PSYCHO SIDESHOW® stand apart from other "freak-'em-out" stage shows. Doc is an entertainer as well as a performer, and for over 40 years audiences have told him that with their laughter and applause.

Created specifically for the Halloween Season, this 30 minute show is not for the weak of heart!  Featuring Fire Eating, Straight-Jacket Escape, Human Blockhead, Barefoot Walk Across Broken Glass, Spooky Magic and More.  NEW! A Death Defying Escape featuring Doc's pet goldfish, Oro!

For more info, visit

Seance of Terror!

A self-contained theatrical seance that'll scare the wits out of even the hardiest of souls! Perfect for Halloween or anytime of year, all you need to supply is a room or theatre and an audience ready to be terrified!

Doc Swan Entertainment will transform your room in to a Victorian "sitting parlor", and will conjure up a troup of ghosties and goulies and things that definitely go BUMP in the night!

Is it real?  Did they imagine what they think they saw? Many will return... many will choose not to! The entire performance runs 22 minutes and can be repeated after a 10-minute re-set time.

For a complete description of the performance from start to finish For more info, visit Seance of Terror at

Doc Swan Entertainment - The Happy Holiday Magic Show

The Happy Holiday
Magic Show

There's no business like "snow business!" No matter what the weather, Doc Swan's Happy Holiday Magic Show celebrates the season with festive family fun like no other.  With the merriest of magic and a stocking full of surprises, this 30 minute show is guaranteed to deliver dozens of holiday smiles!

Doc Swan Entertainment -  Prof. Mordecai P. Jackson

Prof. Mordecai P. Jackson

"Prof. Mordecai P. Jackson rolls into town with his tall tales and suitcase full of magical surprises" (The "P." stands for "Honest")

You never know what's going to come out of the Professor's mouth, or his satchel.  He arives on an unseen steam train, and visits a spell with the local townfolk...talking about his sixty years of world travel, and wowing them with old-west style stunts of "magical surprises".  (He NEVER calls himself a magician...nor even IMPLIES he performs magic). Mordecai is a lovable character that has "Never met a stranger".  Before long, everyone realizes he takes himself far more seriously than the townspeople that make up his audiences do. 

This 20-Minute performance is best suited for Theme Parks and Amusement Parks.  Audience members of all ages have plenty of opportunity to join in on the fun!

Doc Swan Entertainment - Santa


You can have his family-oriented magic/variety show, which is seasoned with holiday surprises during December...

Or, you may wish to have Doc arrange a visit from Santa HIMSELF as a "Guest of Honor" or M.C. for your event. (Doc and Santa are old friends, and Santa will make time in his busy schedule for any event,large to small).

Doc Swan Entertainment - Stilt Man


On short order you can have one of the tallest true entertainers around. Just being tall is one thing, but there is only one Stilt Walking Doc Swan! Expect fun for all ages when looking up to one of the greatest entertainers around. Out on the midway at your fair or festival making balloon animals... in your trade show booth handing out business cards or samples of your the lobby of the ballroom at your theme party as a "photo-op"...Doc will definitely STAND OUT.  

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